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Earthbag Building Workshop

Create you own Earthbag dOMe hOMe!

January 19th – 27th, 2019
Baja California Sur, Mexico

Hello my name is Rysheak Lightwon and I invite you to our next earthbag dome workshop. Come explore and learn with us as we teach you the skills necessary to build your own super natural home.

I have worked in the field of eco construction for over  25 years and feel confident in saying that this technology is, in my opinion, one of the most advanced eco friendly green building methods available today.

Here’s why. At our site 90+ % of the materials to build are derived from the land or from the immediate area. This is vastly different from traditional construction where close to 100% is imported and transported to the building site from long distances. Most building methods leave a huge negative environmental footprint

What will our workshops look like?

Participants will be able to come for a very full eight day experience. So that people will receive a complete learning experience from start to finish; we will have several structures in various stages of the building process.

Participants will have the opportunity to jump in at any stage that they choose. Of course in week one, we will cover each step moving systematically from preparing the site, the mixing of materials for the bags, filling, placing and compacting and “hanging” of the earth bags. Earthen plasters from rough first coat to a polished and highly detailed finished coat.

This will be an intimate and highly focused workshop where structural integrity and strength will be stressed. We will also focus on completion details and aesthetic elements. This workshop is geared towards the more advanced builder. However we will accommodate those who have less experience.

For those of you who are seriously considering the EB technique to build your own structure this workshop is a must.

I whole heartedly invite and welcome you to come to our beautiful fully off grid organic farm in the courageous desert of Baja Sur, Mexico and experience an unforgettable event.

What our Workshop Includes:

Our workshop includes camping space,  3 gourmet organic vegan meals per day, Yoga, Dance, Breathwork, local canyon trip with natural freshwater swimming pools, waterfalls and hot springs, and a fun trip to the ocean during whale and dolphin season. Free camping. Glamping and airport pickup at an additional cost.

Our Location:

Baja BioSana is located on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.
We are about 50 minutes from the International Airport in San Jose, airport code (SJD), and our land is nestled into the foothills of the LaLaguna Mountains. The 11,600 Ha (28,664 Acre) LaLaguna Biosphere Reserve is practically our backyard, and we’re located in between the small villages of Agua Caliente and El Chorro – about 9 Km above the town of Santiago.

For more information:

The Cost of The Workshop

The workshop cost is:


Early Bird: $1000 by Dec. 1st

15 spaces available.

Our method of construction:

Over the past 3 years, working with my Mexican crew, we have co- developed a new version of the earth bag construction method. During this process we have learn to create true domes or cupolas. Very different than the cone shaped buildings the super adobe technique creates.

We have patented a method of hanging the earth bags using bamboo so we can build these aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound domes. Please bare in mind that any shape of structure can be built. For example, straight vertical walls with a roof can be built using earth-bag technology.
I am building domes because I love the shape and aesthetic.

In recent years super adobe has gained interest and notoriety in the field of green buildings. Our technique is considerably different and “greener” and the reason why I can say this with confidence is that we use no cement, steel or barbed wire reinforcement. That is significant because in the manufacturing of steel and cement the negative environmental foot print is huge. Even though we have been able to eliminate cement, rebar and barbed wire from our structures we still have managed to maintain massive structural integrity. This is critical and has been consistently proven to be true as our domes have successfully weathered two hurricanes, massive tropical rains, blazing hot and dry day temperatures in desert as well as very cold and wet evening temperatures and to top it off a recent point 5 earthquake.

Pretty impressive and quite simply revolutionary. In addition to this, because of the amount, we are able to hang our bags using our patented bamboo technique, and to create beautiful and elegant forms. It is a wonderful living example of ancient tribal building meeting space age super modern. I love to call it “off planet feng shui “

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